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19 - 21 November, 2018 | Stockholm, Sweden

Tiina Moberg

Director of Customer Experience and Onling Services
I´m is a fast, positive and straightforward customer experience and online service director in DNA. My roots are from Tourist industry and somehow after a few bends I finally ended up to an operator business. My current role is in IT organization which offers for me a vantage point to learn and explore things from a new angle. Customer experience and its extensive development has always been close to my heart. I enjoy changes and the fact that things are bravely forwarded towards new ideas and opportunities by experimenting and utilizing them. Digitalization, automation, omnichannel, artificial intelligence, added reality, agile development, etc. – we are living the most amazing times - without forgetting the most important thing, how to use them to improve customer experience and customer's everyday life. I want to see online development in a wider perspective. For me it´s as a part of digital-centric approach which also develops brands and customer experience. These are the most important topics in this changing world with all kind of new possibilities.

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